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Afribliss Safaris was founded with an ultimate goal of delivering quality and blissful experiences to our clients. Afribliss Safaris is second to none in the tourism industry with highly qualified employees, dedicated to making your experience one to remember and an unending tale.


We offer first class safari tour services for our clients, setting a standard by which others in the tour industry are judged.


Core Values

Afribliss Safaris is a client-centered business. Because our success depends on the satisfaction of our clients, we provide the best services through our dedicated employees and partners. Our employees and partners embody our culture, which is based on four core values, supporting our promise to deliver a quality and blissful experience.


Consistently providing quality services to our clients


Provide on-time services to every client every time


Hold our employees to high moral standards


Treat our clients in a polite, respectful, and considerate manner at all times


We are an indigenous company, run by locals with vast experience in the tourism sector. Since its inception, Afribliss Safaris has grown to handle clients of both large and small groups. Our specialty is in arranging private tours for our clients.

Afribliss Safaris offers you the best holiday experience of East Africa  and because we know Uganda and Rwanda  as only a professional and knowledgeable native insider can. Whether your dream holiday is a luxury safari in the grand old settler tradition with white-gloved waiters ministering to your every need, or a basic camping affair as close to nature as one can possibly get, whether your interest is in the captivating cultures that make up this beautiful land or in high adventure traversing landscapes that only the brave dare to go, whatever your special needs are, you can leave all the planning to us in the comfortable knowledge that our team of professional experts will do everything possible to deliver to your exact specifications and more.

Afribliss Safaris will always place you at the centre of all our planning. It all starts with us listening very carefully to what you want. Not until we are absolutely sure that we have a good grasp of exactly what you need will we get to work. It is this that makes us different- using our expertise and excellent knowledge of Uganda and Rwanda  to add value to the holiday choices that you make.

In addition, Afribliss Safaris commits itself to finding for you, the lowest possible cost that will support the most pleasant itinerary consistent with your dream holiday of  Africa. Whether you are on a shoestring budget or can afford the most elaborate and luxurious safari, whether your holiday costs thousands of dollars or just a few hundreds, we will go to great lengths to ensure that we offer the same superb service for which our company is well known.

We will work closely with you to ensure that you choose what is best for yourself rather than what is best for any particular holiday supplier and undertake to access on your behalf and pass to you, the best destination information and expert advice that will lead to real benefits. Finally we undertake to put at your complete disposal our team of knowledgeable experts to scout for the best discounts available among suppliers to ensure your receive the very best value for money.